Every day
is a Croissant day...

but there is also an official day to celebrate it!




We love croissants, like you and enjoy them on every occasion!

On January 30th, we celebrate them in all their glory, since it is the World Croissant Day! Every year, we organize special events on the streets of Athens, incredible competitions and we make this day the official Folie Day for the king of croissants! 

We started in 2016 by distributing over 9,000 Folie croissants, and next year our range was enriched by the Folie “fluffy” version offering fascinating gifts and free croissants for a year!

This year, our favorite mascot went back to the streets of Athens to delight, while our tempting #FolieDay facebook contest gave a four-day trip to Rome for 2 people and other exciting gifts!

Until the next World Croissant Day, we will keep on enjoying the Folie croissants in all their unique flavors. What about you?